Docking studies of tetra substituted pyrazolone derivatives as potential antiviral agents

Jyothi Achuthanandhan, Baskar Lakshmanan


In an attempt to find potential antiviral agents, a series of pyrazolones (PA1-PA6PC1-PC6) were designed and evaluated for their  DENVNS5 (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase) inhibitory activity. Molecular docking studies of all the designed compounds into the binding site of DENVNS5 (PDB Code: 4C11) were performed to gain a comprehensive understanding into rational binding modes. These compounds were also screened for in silico drug-likeliness properties on the basis of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) prediction. Among all the synthesized compounds, analogue  PA6showed superior inhibitory activity against RNA dependent RNA polymerase. SAR  study indicated that the presence of an electron withdrawing substitution on pyrazolone derivatives significantly improves its binding interaction with the protein.Results of ADME prediction revealed that most of these compounds showed in silico drug-likeliness.


Pyrazolone; Antiviral; Autodock 1.5.6; NS5 Protein

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