Stress degradation studies of hydrochlorothiazide and development of validated method by UV spectroscopy

Devi velmurugan


To develop a simple, precise, accurate, and stability indicating a UV-method for estimation of Hydrochlorothiazide(HCT)in bulk and formulated dosage form.The drug was alsosubjected to stress degradation at different conditions recommended by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH). The samples are generated and used for the degradation studies.The λmax of the HCTwas found to be 273nm.The linearity of calibration curve (Absorbance Vs Concentration) in pure solution was checked over the concentration ranges of about 5-30μg/mLwith the correlation coefficient higher than 0.99. The regression equation of the curve was Y = 0.598x + 0.0042.% RSD was found to be within the limit as per ICH guidelines. The obtained percentage recovery of HCTwas found to be within the limit100% ± SD.  Stress degradation studies revealed thatitwas within the limit(5-20%).


UV Spectroscopy; Hydrochlorothiazide; Stress degradation; validation

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